As the leading manufacturer in the field of natural seasonings, the Ariake Group has anticipated customer needs and strived to maintain and ensure "food safety" and "high quality" while working to expand existing businesses both within Japan and overseas and to actively develop new businesses.

Ariake Group has made major investments totaling around ¥20 billion over the past couple of years. We have made enormous capital expenditures that total approximately \20 billion throughout the world. Having completed this round of overseas investments, we are now in the stage where we generate returns from these expenditures. The Group has constructed a "global seven-pillar system" with production and sales bases centered in Japan but also in China, Taiwan, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Indonesia. This global seven-pillar system has made it possible to create the optimal regional production system to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products and to meet all the needs of our many customers.

The Ariake Group is anticipating customer needs and more than ever responding to customer expectations in Japan and (further) developing efficient sales strategies at each of our overseas bases.

The Group, trusting in its technical strengths and sales capabilities, will move ahead with efforts to maintain and expand existing markets and develop a new market to strive to increase sales.

We look forward to receiving your continued support.

President(CEO) Naoki Shirakawa