All directors on the board and employees who work for the Ariake Group are required to act according to the following code of behavior with awareness of his/her social responsibilities that not only complies with laws and regulations (compliance), but has a high sense of morality to act with conscience rooted in sincerity and fairness, and to fulfill the social responsibility (CSR) of the company, which is expected by society, by those who are involved in the natural seasonings business that is deeply related to the health and safety of people, making efforts in establishing and maintaining a fair relationship with each stakeholder.

(1) Relationship with customers

In our company's code of behavior, we are required to provide safe and high-quality products using creative technology, placing importance on the health of our customers. In addition, we are required to emphasize two-way communication with our customers and make efforts to obtain their trust and satisfaction. Based on this code of behavior, we make thorough efforts for quality control and hygiene control to secure food safety.

(2) Relationship with shareholders and investors

In our company's code of behavior, we are required to improve our corporate value to respond to the trust of our shareholders and investors. We use our business model for our business activities to maximize the benefits for our shareholders as well as highly transparent management, appropriate accounting, and information disclosure. Administration Department is responsible for communication with shareholders and investors.

(3) Fair business activities

In our company's code of behavior, we are required not only to comply with laws and regulations in our business activities, but to conduct fair transactions with our business partners, competitors, suppliers, and others. In particular, in the relationship with suppliers, we undertake responsible purchasing. The following are some of the rules for transactions with suppliers.

  • Rules for purchasing control 
  • Rules for acceptance inspection 
  • Rules for product testing 
  • Rules for material purchasing 
  • Code of corporate behavior 

In addition, we work together with our suppliers to create systems for quality, hygiene control, and traceability so as to ensure food safety.

(4) Involvement with society

In our company's code of behavior, we are required to respect the culture and customs of the country and region where we undertake global business activities as a good corporate citizen to promote CSR activities.

Support for attending school
In particular, the Kineo Okada Scholarship Foundation, in which our founder invested 10 billion yen for its establishment, supports future generations in attending school.

Interactions with the local community and human resource development
In addition, as a company, we support interactions with the local community and human resource development in the following events and projects.

  • Cosponsor of fireworks shows at summer festivals (Saza-cho and Kosaza-cho, Nagasaki) 
  • Cosponsor of YOSAKOI Sasebo Festival (Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki) 
  • Cosponsor of Nagasaki "Project for human resource development for future generations of the region" 
  • Sponsorship contract for V-Varen Nagasaki for the year 2020 
  • Member of "Promotion council for life-time active involvement in Saza-cho" (Saza-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki) 
  • Member of "Saza River area rebuilding council" (Saza-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki) 

Environmental protection initiatives for the areas near our offices
We engage in many initiatives to protect the living environment for residents near to our offices as we conduct business activities, including measures against odors and noise as well as to reduce emissions. (For details, see "Protecting the environment and creating a recycling-oriented society.")

(5) Involvement with employees

In our company's code of behavior, we are required to respect the personality and individual characteristics of employees and to adhere to the following provisions to secure a creative and active work environment. In addition, we also provide education on human rights, health, safety, work-life balance, anti-discrimination, diversity, and work skills.
Furthermore, we proactively hire people from special schools in order to promote the employment of disabled people. The percentage of disabled people employed at our company is higher than the statutory rate of 2.2%, and we will strive to maintain and raise this percentage going forward.