Seasonings from Ariake dressing up dishes on tables around the world

Ariake Japan is a food processing manufacturer. We provide finished products as well as seasoning that form the foundation of the good taste of soup and sauce-based dishes, including bouillon, consommé, broths, and hot pot flavorings. 
With a commitment to using natural raw ingredients, we manufacture safe, secure, healthy natural seasonings with extracts from fresh chicken, pork, beef, and other fresh livestock ingredients, as well as seafood, vegetables and other ingredients. 
We have established an integrated production system, from procurement of raw ingredients to manufacturing of final products, leveraging the product development capacity, extraction technologies, and manufacturing facilities that we have been developing since our foundation in 1966. We industrially reproduce the taste of restaurants, with a strong commitment to good taste created by making the best use of the flavor of each natural ingredient. The strength of this approach has been proven by the large number of products that we offer. 

We manufacture approx. 2,500 types of original products and supply them to more than 20,000 corporate customers. Our technologies for producing a wide variety of seasonings are also leveraged to jointly develop products with customers. 
We aim to be a company trusted by many customers through technologies that deliver safer, more flavorful seasonings that are finely tuned to cater to diverse needs, and the stable supply of high-quality products manufactured using world-leading equipment. 

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