Basic Policy Relating to Disclosure of Information

Information is disclosed promptly according to the “Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuer of Listed Security and the Like” (hereinafter referred to as “Rules on Timely Disclosure”) as stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Furthermore, the Company will make the utmost effort to provide all other information in a timely manner, accurately and fairly whenever they are disclosed, in order to make information available to assist decision making by customers, shareholders, investors, agencies, employees, as well as persons in society at large. Furthermore, the Company discloses information in an appropriate manner as described by the laws and regulations of Japan, as well as the stipulations of stock exchanges. 

Methods for Disclosing Information

Disclosure of information according to the stipulations of stock exchanges are provided by the “Timely Information Disclosure System” (known as “Timely Disclosure Network” or “Tdnet”), as well as through the press and through being posted on the Website as soon as possible thereafter.

Furthermore, all other information is disclosed by appropriate means, according to the nature of the information in question.


Information disclosed in accordance with this Basic Policy is intended to convey accurately and timely the information relating to activities of Ariake Japan Co., Ltd., and is not intended for the purpose of attracting investment.