For the continued improvement of our corporate value, we also work on the enhancement of our corporate governance system.

(1) Basic idea

Our Group thinks that corporate governance is an important management issue and aims to improve the efficiency of management through thorough discussions and swift decision-making. For routine management, we constantly use diversions/audits/supervision to secure a structure for fair and highly transparent management.
In addition, our company thinks that the active fulfillment of social responsibilities is the basis of our company's management philosophy. We manage our company so this philosophy is sufficiently understood in the routine operation of organizations, working on the further enhancement of our corporate governance.

(2) Overview of the governance system

Our company employs a company with an audit and supervisory committee in order to further enhance audit/supervision functions and our system of corporate governance, as well as to further boost the health and transparency of our management. The board of directors, as the highest managerial decision-making body, resolves matters stipulated in laws and regulations, articles of incorporation, and important measures, and supervises the status of the execution of operations based on each resolution.
At the same time, we have established an audit and supervisory committee with a majority of outside board members in order to ensure transparency and objectivity. With directors (including multiple outside directors) holding voting rights as board members, we aim to further reinforce the audit/supervision function of the board of directors and further enhance our corporate governance.

A conceptual diagram of our corporate governance is indicated below. 


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