(1) Working to enhance corporate value on an ongoing basis

The Ariake Group is committed to enhancing the corporate value on an ongoing basis via two main approaches. The first is to pursue growth, in particular earnings growth, by harnessing the strengths of our unique business model built through "Global Seven-Pillar System." The second approach is to pursue sustainability in our operations, with a particular focus on quality control and hygiene management (key elements of food safety), protecting the environment, creating a recycling-oriented society and strengthening governance structures.

(2) Our process for creating value to help build a sustainable society

In order to achieve ongoing growth and enhance corporate value, we utilize the Ariake Group's strengths in conducting business activities while also considering the social environment as well as the environment of customers who operate within society. In this way, we strive to create and provide value to our customers and to society on an ongoing basis.
The food-service and food product industries face labor shortages and other issues resulting from an aging population and a growing trend for health-consciousness. As such, there is increased demand for procuring healthy, natural seasonings from external sources rather than using artificial seasonings.
In this social environment, the Ariake Group uses a unique business model and pursues business as a leading company and provider of high-quality, natural seasonings. In this way, we make broad contributions to society by offering people healthy culinary lifestyles.
Our business model is based on offering contributions through business, and has three main strengths: (1) refined production and technological capabilities, (2) advanced capacity for quality control and hygiene management, and (3) a global production network. We harness these strengths as we continually engage in business, thereby contributing to our customers and to society.
At the same time, our process for pursuing business involves building a comprehensive production system spanning from procurement to the final product, as well as ensuring traceability and conducting strict quality control and hygiene management. As a result, we provide high-quality, safe and reassuring food products.
We engage in production activities while also working to build a recycling-oriented society, such as by using animal carcasses for the ingredients of our seasonings, harvesting energy from waste heat, waste oil and wastewater generated in production, as well as utilizing natural energy. In addition, we engage in initiatives to lower our environmental footprint through reducing CO_{2} emissions and waste.
Furthermore, in accompaniment to our business activities, we have worked for many years on human resource development initiatives through a scholarship system, and we have collaborated in providing foodstuffs to the town of Saza in Kitamatsuura District, Nagasaki Prefecture, where our factory is located, during disasters. In these ways, we focus our efforts on contributing to society as a food company.
All of these activities share many aspects in common with the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) declared by the United Nations. Going forward, we will strive as a global food company to contribute toward the development of a sustainable society through our business activities.

How Ariake uses business operations to create value