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Chinese merchandise
CategoryLineTypePrimary ingredientsFeatures
Chicken bone base soupClear soup linesChinese soup - chickenChicken bones, Japanese leeks and gingerRichly flavored Chinese soup etc. as an economical base for Chinese dishes just by diluting the product in water at a ratio between 1:20 and 1:30.
Chinese soup - porkPork bones, pork meat, Japanese leeks and ginger
Chinese soup - chicken & porkChicken bones, pork bones, onions, carrots and celery
White clear soup linesChinese white clear soupChicken bones, chicken meat and pork bonesBaitang soup with a low salt content and a strong milky color
Ramen soupRamen soupSoy sauce flavored ramenSoy sauce dip, chicken bone soup and edible oils and fatsUses only carefully selected ingredients and authentically brewed soy sauce for genuine Chinese noodle soup
Pork bone and soy sauce linesPork bone and soy sauce flavored ramenSoy sauce, pork bone soup and edible oils and fatsOrthodox soup made by adding specially prepared soy sauce to a soup made by slowly simmering vegetables, kelp and dried sardine
Salt linesSalt dip, Shantang-style ramenKelp bouillon, soy sauce, salt and edible oils and fatsOrthodox soup based on kelp bouillon made by carefully simmering chicken bones and whole chicken, using salt from Mongolia
Miso paste linesSapporo miso paste flavored ramen, fried miso paste flavored ramenMiso paste, pork extract, chicken bone soup and edible oils and fatsFlavorful soup made by adding pork bone soup to rich miso paste from Hokkaido
Pork bone linesHakata-style pork bone ramen soup, Kyushu-style pork bone ramenChicken bone soup, salt , soy sauce and edible oils and fatsA reproduction of authentic Kyushu-Hakata style ramen. From a plain type up to a rich type using garlic-flavored oil
Chanpon soupChanpon soup linesNagasaki-style white clear soupPork extract, salt and soy sauceA soup for Chanpon noodles, made of pork bone soup enriched with flavors of seafood and vegetables.
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Western merchandise
CategoryLinePrimary ingredientsFeatures
Bouillon and consommeChicken bouillonChicken bones, whole chicken and vegetablesFlavor-rich chicken bouillon made using an abundance of fresh whole chicken
ConsommeChicken meat, beef and vegetablesMade on the basis of premium chicken bouillon using shin meat of Japanese beef and chicken meat
Sauce baseFonds de veauChicken bouillon, calf bones and beefA premium product made by carefully and slowly simmering 100% Australian calf bones
DemiglaceChicken bones, beef, beef muscles and vegetablesA demiglace sauce made by slowly simmering beef meat, beef muscle and vegetables
AmericaineLobster head, tomatoes and vegetablesAn orthodox sauce base with powerful tasty flavors created using, for example, Australian lobster heads and fresh shrimp heads
Fumet de PoissonWhite fish, fish parts and chicken bouillonA simple sauce made by cooking white fish for a short time
Glace de ViandeVegetables, bouillon and calf bonesA sauce made by taking time to slowly simmer calf bones, chicken and mirepoix
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Japanese merchandise
CategoryLineTypePrimary ingredientsFeatures
Japanese bouillonWhite Japanese bouillonWhite Japanese bouillonBouillon (bonito and kelp), dextrin and sugarWhite Japanese bouillon made by cooking fresh bonito and kelp
Japanese bouillonBonito and kelp with white Japanese bouillon and Japanese bouillon, dried sardine and kelp with white Japanese bouillon and Japanese bouillonBouillon (bonito, kelp and dried sardine), salt and yeast extractJapanese bouillon containing all the rich flavors of the ingredients
Bonito bouillonPure bonito bouillon, pure bonito bouillon powderBonito extract and dextrinAdditive-free bonito bouillon offering the genuine flavor and aroma of bonito flakes
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Extract merchandise
CategoryLineFormatPrimary ingredientsFeatures
Livestock meatBeefLiquid, powderBeef, beef fat and vegetablesPaste or powder of roasted beef and onions strongly imparting cooked flavor
PorkLiquid, powderChicken bone soup, pork bones and lardFlavor-rich paste or powder tasting of chicken bone soup and Kyushu-style pork bone
ChickenLiquid, powderChicken bone soup, chicken bouillon and chicken seasoning oilAdditive-free, clear extract reminding of chicken bone flavor, and powder with a delicious roasted aroma
Sea foodShrimpLiquid, powderKrillPaste and powder with a flavor of shrimp that has a strong taste
VegetablesGarlicLiquid, powderGarlicPaste and powder with roasted garlic flavor
OilsSeasoning oilLiquidChicken fat, lard and vegetablesSeasoning oil with chicken bone soup flavor
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