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Ariake Europe NV

This firm manufactures and sells natural soup stock products to customers in Europe, making the most of abundant raw materials.

Ariake Europe NV was established in January 2004 in Maasmechelen, Belgium, as a fully owned subsidiary. It aims at further global development of the ARIAKE Group. While the plant in France mainly manufactures powder natural seasonings, the plant in Belgium mainly manufactures liquid natural seasonings. Making the most of fresh and abundant livestock raw materials, it manufactures natural bouillon, stock, fond de veau, and demi-glace sauce.

Ariake Europe NV

Company name : Ariake Europe NV
Establishment : January 2004
Capital : 54.5 million euro
Address : Oude Bunders Leemkuilstraat 5B-3630, Maasmechelen, Belgium
Number of employees : 37
* In April 2012, F.P.N.I. BELGIUM NV changed its trade name to Ariake Europe NV.

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